Whenever i have viewed Leonberger sites or spoken to owners they all say the same thing one Leo is just never enough, since having Callie i understand now why this is said. Its simple Leonbergers are addictive, they give so much in every way & have everything you are looking for in a canine companion, they are a special breed & you cannot help but falling head over heels in love  with them .



Please click on the links  for each of our dogs pedigrees , show results & pictures Thankyou.

Callie's weight Troy's weight

We brought our second Leo home  in the summer 2008 & named him Troy , he is a fun boy & forever doing things that he should not be doing ! . I love him to bits .


Our 3rd Leo is home bred , from our 1st ever litter , we named her Pheobe & she is very special to us .


Callie video playtime PHEOBE Pheobe's Weight